The new moon on Feb 9 (2:59 pm PT) falls at a critical turning point and brings a big awakening for the year to come.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, there’s a fierce dragon awakening on this new moon. If you’re ready to step into a bigger world, a doorway is about to open.

This is the beginning of the auspicious Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon. Brace yourself, Dragons bring situations and experiences of mythic proportions, and Dragon years come in strong, with fiery and transformative opportunities in their wake.

A word of warning, even though dragons can soar high, they can also take great falls this year.

According to Vedic Astrology, the new moon is in the area of the sky called Dhanishta, the star of wealth and symphony.  Dhanishta new moon is symbolized by the drum that Lord Shiva plays in his transformative dance of creation, preservation and destruction.

Lord Shiva's Tandava - Dance of Creation and Destruction
Lord Shiva’s tandava – dance of creation and destruction


Dhanishta new moon has a special power to magnify the healing effect of sound and sacred song. This is a good time to listen to music, say mantra or play a musical instrument.

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Fiery Mars, moves into Capricorn (sign of exaltation) on Feb 5, where a more focused energy increases productivity and decisive action.  Mars in Capricorn is a no-nonsense influence that is ready to finish projects and get work done.

Take heed, Mars is the god of war, and his position in Capricorn could bring dire repercussions for the on-going wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.  This is a time to pray for peace and take a serious look at the costs of war and division on human life. Mars will be in Capricorn until March 15.

This new moon is also the sacred Mauni Amavasya.  Mauni means silence, and amavasya is the last day of the lunar cycle (the dark moon) which falls on Feb 9. This a powerful day to take a vow of silence from idle talk.

Saying positive affirmations and prayers are also powerful on this new moon. It’s said that at this time the waters of the holy river Ganga become like nectar, and taking a bath or offering prayers into water is highly auspicious.

Dhanishta new moon enhances intuition and awakens a fire of resilience and courage in the heart.   Use this new moon for letting go of the past, and clearing the way for a new chapter to begin.

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