The tide is turning with an expansive new moon on Nov 23.  This final lunar cycle of 2022 can spark a revival of love, friendship and connection in your life.  On top of it all, a rare synchronicity of Jupiter turning direct on the new moon (2:57 pm PT) creates an enlightening wave of growth that can sweep you into 2023 and beyond.

If you’ve been dreaming of traveling, studying or expanding your mind or vision in another way, this new moon has the key to your hidden potential.

New moons are quiet times of renewal, and an opportunity to take stock of inner feelings, situations and intentions.  This new moon’s extraordinary expansiveness can heal feelings of exclusion, and stoke a desire to share your gifts with the world.

The new moon is in the area of the sky called Anuradha nakshatra, the “star of success.” This star teaches that to divide is to conquer, but with connection, inter-dependence and openness, a higher success can be attained.

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Anuradha is ruled by the ancient god of friendship, Mitra, who is the embodiment of supportive community, healthy boundaries and courageous devotion. Anuradha new moon can heal wounds of broken trust and betrayal, and can help you to distinguish true supportive alliances from superficial friendships.

With sensitive Venus and courageous Mars locked in a mutual aspect (parivartana yoga) new passions spark, but relationships can also come under scrutiny now. Be sensitive to your partners needs and emotions and avoid getting into petty arguments.  Charismatic Venus and Mars can be channeled into dramatic artistic expression, like music, dance and painting with bright colors.

Take heed, Mars retrograde can feel stuck or defensive, but a deep current of strength and inspiration is just under the surface of what challenges you. Slow down and sharpen your inner focus to tap into it. Mars retrograde continues until Jan 13.

With nourishing Jupiter turning direct on the new moon, optimism, insight, and luck are around the corner.  This new moon falls just a day before the holiday of Thanksgiving in the US, and aligns with an attitude of gratitude, generosity and openness.  Look around to see how you could lend a hand to those in need.

This is a time to begin to envision the year ahead.  Get ready for a wild and transformative ride in 2023. Check out the 2023 forecast – Vedic Horoscope Class coming up. 2023 Vedic Horoscopes.

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