There’s a light on the horizon. The full moon of March 18, shining two days before the equinox, heralds a time of change and renewal. A new season is upon us (it’s spring in the northern hemisphere), and this full moon can spark creativity, enhance personal connections, and open us up to new possibilities.

The fertile energy of this full moon, which falls in the area of the sky known as Uttara Phalguni, may ignite passions, but it can also deepen friendships. Symbolized by a marriage bed and ruled by the Hindu deity Bhaga, the Uttara Phalguni nakshatra has the power to restore severed bonds as well as create new ones.

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With the isolation of the pandemic reducing, now is the time to step out and meet new people, or spend time with old friends. This season of renewal promises not only a fresh start, but also a deeper sense of community and all the support you need to create the life of your dreams. If your goals and aspirations have shifted in these last couple years, your new vision can now be enacted.

The Uttara Phalguni nakshatra is also ruled by Aryaman, the Vedic god of fortune. Along with his brother Bhaga, he brings wealth, prosperity, and abundance. On this full moon, call in whatever it is you need in the material realm, and don’t be scared to ask for too much. Spread the wealth, if you are blessed with abundance, and if you’re feeling strapped, now is the time to ask for help.

In India, the spring equinox full moon is always celebrated as the colorful and spirited full moon festival of Holi, known for its colorful powders and paints. The vibrant colors of Holi represent the flowers of spring and the vitality of life’s renewal. The cold, dark days of winter are now behind us, and it’s time to welcome back the light.

Since February, a war between the planets Venus and Mars has been raging in the cosmic jaws of a fierce Kala Sarpa yoga, the Serpent of Time. Humanity’s collective karma has simultaneously reached a dangerous peak of intensity, as demonstrated by the war in Ukraine. As Venus and Mars separate, the possibility for a ceasefire there is growing stronger.

Come April, the Kala Sarpa yoga formation will completely dissolve, and a collective reset of the planets will jumpstart a new global paradigm. The most auspicious planetary transit will occur on April 13, when Jupiter enters sidereal Pisces, a sign of hope, compassion, and nourishment.

This is a prime opportunity for peace, new growth, and healing after the fear and isolation of the pandemic years. To find out how Jupiter’s transit will affect you on a personal level, join the Jupiter in Pisces Live Zoom Class with Jupiter Horoscopes for your Vedic Sign.

On this full moon in Uttar Phalguni, celebrate all that you have been given, and all that is yet to come. Open your arms wide to receive the abundance of the universe, and devote time to your creative projects. With the support of community, any dream can be realized.

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