Although you may still feel the chill of winter upon you, the good news is that spring fever is on its way!   Already in India this full moon will be celebrated as the colorful Spring festival of Holi. Great bonfires will be built on the city streets and brightly colored paint and powder will be used to bless (gently or not) loved ones and strangers a like.

This auspicious full Moon always happens in the nakshatra of Phalguni, a constellation in the body of sidereal Leo that represents the ecstatic place of the wedding bed.  Phalgu means reddish, the color of fertility and passion.   Phal also means fruit and guni is the good attribute that gives us this fruit.  In general this lunar mansion reaps the benefit of past karmas, enjoying marriage, children, and the satisfaction of the realization of our creative desires.  

The full moon will reach it’s culmination on Thursday (March 5th ) at  10:05 am PST in Purva Phalguni,  the first portion of the wedding bed that is ruled by the deity Bhaga.  Bhaga, like Eros, is the god of love and marriage.  He has a perfect wife and six children with names roughly translated as:

Perfection (Siddhi), Greatness (Mahiman), Power (Prabhu) , Solidness (Vibhu), Dedication (Suvrata), Beauty (Varaaroha)  and Hope (Asis).

But he was robbed of his sight, literally blinded (as love often is) by the overwhelming brightness of Prajapati’s (Lord of Creatures) desire.  Passion and desire can overwhelm our better judgment and overindulgence, vanity and promiscuity are a danger around this full moon.  A fresh new pride can emerge for our offspring, whether it be literally our children, or creative projects we have “parented.”  However, don’t fall into over-glamorizing what you love, showing off beyond your means, or worse yet…insensitivity to what others may lack.

Bhaga is the giver of material happiness and familial attachment in this earthly realm.  He is the fertility of spring, like the Green Man of ancient Celtic societies, he represents a healthy desire to fulfill emotional cravings.  The highest resonance of love and attachment come from a place of innocence and purity. In India, the street fires of Holi-ka are said to symbolize the mythical fire that spared the pure-hearted infant Prahlada, but which destroyed his evil Aunt Holika who was conspiring to murder him.

This full moon is an excellent time to return to our original purity. Forgive yourself of past errors, and reach out and forgive others you may be holding resentment against.  

Deep within we all hold the good and innocent nature of Prahlada the child.  To honor this blamelessness in oneself and recognize this in others is the highest teaching of Phalguni.  The full moon will climax at about 20° sidereal Leo, near the exact degree of Puskar nakshatra.  This will magnify the potential for insight that can nourish our external relationships… and internal peace.

Open your heart and let loose for the new beginning of spring is here!  Put on some bright colors, and add a bit of glitter too! Ceremonies, marriages, or any celebration will be a success.  Going out for an evening of fine art, music and dance may also be a good option under Purva Phalguni, who is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and art. 

And in the last month Venus certainly has had her share of strenuous encounters with malefic Mars and Ketu. This moon has the potential to be a healing balm for partnerships that have been on the rocks and up for critical assessment.   Try to momentarily relax your own self-criticism and appreciate the essence of this precious existence.   This is a fabulous time for pledging commitments, resolving old conflict, and honoring our loved ones and creations. 

Happy Holi!