A rare super blue moon on August 30 brings a boost of spiritual insight.  Bigger and brighter then normal this super moon is the 2nd one this August, and so called a blue moon.

This unusual full moon event illuminates the world with a special healing light. Called the Shravana Purima, this full moon is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the supreme liberator. If you’re seeking a new sense of freedom, this powerful full moon brings a higher perspective to troubles at hand, and transforms confusion and doubt into higher awareness.

The full moon (exact 6:27 pm PT) is in the area of the sky called Shatabhisha, the star of 100 medicines.  This Vedic lunar sign presents miraculous cures for all sorts of illness, disharmony and imbalances.

Shatabhisha is called the “veiling star,” because of its ability to cloak and uncloak mysteries that have been hidden in the unconscious. Truth can come to the surface and secrets can be revealed around the Shatabhisa full moon.

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This full moon is also celebrated in India as Rakhi Bandhan, the day when a sacred thread is tied to the wrist of brothers to symbolize sibling and family unity. It’s also the birthday of the goddess Gayatri, the mother of the Gods and protector of sacred knowledge.

Take heed, this full moon is positioned right next to Saturn, the lord of karma and limitations. You may have felt fatigued or exhausted in the last week, as Saturn reached his peak of luminosity on August 27.  Catastrophic Hurricane Idalia coincides with this karmic blue moon, which dangerously illuminates the collective karma surrounding natural disasters and climate change.

This full moon is an opportunity to slow down, look inward and take a step back to see things from another point of view.  Fasting and acts of charity are auspicious on this full moon.

Both Venus and Mercury are retrograde now, reviewing the past and connection to a higher future.  Though Mercury Retrograde can cause delays and communication mishaps, with a supportive aspect from Jupiter, this Mercury Retrograde can improve your organization and clarity in the long run.   

Venus turns direct on Sept 3, marking a turning point in love, creativity and financial issues.  Venus can now be seen in the early morning in her Venus Morning Star phase, a time of renewed clarity self-respect.

Coincidently, expansive Jupiter is turning retrograde the following day (Sept 4), indicating a junction point of possibility in early September.  Decisions around education, personal values and travel may be up for review at this time.

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