The Blood Moon of September 27, 2015 will ignite the fires of transformation, sparking a radical shift on both the individual and collective level of our consciousness. This is a call to action for inner revolutionaries and warriors of the heart, a time to dispel outdated beliefs about ourselves, and rise from the ashes with a renewed spirit of self-acceptance.

This perigee super moon eclipse, which culminates 14 percent larger than normal – a phenomenon that won’t occur again until 2033 – is a powerful time for diving within and claiming our next level of self-empowerment. It is the last in a cycle of four Blood Moon eclipses that have been the subject of much apocalyptic reference, and while this prophetic Blood Moon will not likely sound the trumpet of Final Judgement, it is a rare opportunity to sound the inner trumpet of awakening and claim your personal redemption.

This lunar eclipse, which will be visible across much of North and South America and Europe from 5:11 pm to 10:22 pm PDT, reaches its maximum point at approximately 7:50 pm PDT. It conjoins the shadow deity Ketu, which represents the shadow of the earth as it eclipses the moon, and is described in Vedic mythology as the tail of a headless dragon. Ketu the shadow demon dissolves the mind with all of its attachments and desires, offering a profound possibility for sudden awakenings and revelations of the highest order. 


Ketu the tail and Rahu the head, the shadow deities of eclipses.


This eclipse will take place in the area of the sky known as Uttara Bhadrapada, in the constellation of the “Great Square of Pegasus.” Also known as the warrior star, Uttara Bhadrapada is revered for its determined spiritual nature and its fighting spirit. It probes deeply into the cycles of human suffering and the cruelty of nature, and has a unique ability to sublimate frustration and despair into wisdom and understanding. These stars are ancient heralds to the beginning and end of great cycles, and their highest expression can expand our hearts and increase our capacity for compassion.

In Sanskrit, Bhadra literally means “blessed, lucky” and pada means “feet.”  The Bhadrapada are the four corners, or feet, of the coffin that carries the soul through Pisces, the end of the Zodiac. It is associated with the fires of the funeral pyre that burn our bodies and scorch away our impurities. At this profound time of change, we have a unique opportunity for self-reinvention. If we are able to take the heat, we can emerge from the fires with a newly-integrated sense of self, and a clean emotional slate.

A deep-sea kundalini snake of the inner waters, Ahirbudhnya is the mythical deity that will awaken with this eclipse. Ahirbudhnya lies coiled in the abyss of the cosmic ocean, and is the supportive power at the root chakra of our cosmos, a mysterious water dragon lurking at the bottom of the deepest ocean of pure love and peace.

This lunar eclipse presents us with a choice: We can cool the fires of our self-doubt in the Piscean waters of wisdom and empowerment, or, if we choose to swim against the current and resist change, we may find ourselves drowning in a pool of sorrow.

Eclipses always open portals for transformation. Solar eclipses are known to create surprising and often shocking events in the world, including earthquakes and social and political disruption. The Valley Fire, for example, which recently devastated entire communities in Northern California, ignited at the moment of the last solar eclipse.

Lunar eclipses, however, are known for igniting inner shifts. You may notice that tempers are flaring around this time, making stressful encounters more likely, especially since mercury is still in retrograde. On an individual level, our emotional vulnerabilities may suddenly be laid bare. The changes wrought by this eclipse can rock us to our core, exposing cracks in our sense of emotional security. If we resist the flow, we may wind up feeling uncomfortable, frightened, disoriented, or confused. It’s important at this time not to fall into pessimistic thought patterns, or let old feelings of guilt and self-doubt pull us into a downward spiral.

Lunar eclipses are always a good time for meditation, introspection, and even fasting. Repetition of mantras, or offering heartfelt prayers for self-love and acceptance, are particularly potent at this time, and will counteract the voices of self-judgement and criticism that may have increased in volume in recent weeks. At their best, lunar eclipses inspire us to recalibrate our comfort zones, pushing us towards personal breakthroughs and spiritual growth.

This Blood Moon has the capacity to catapult us into unknown territory, giving us a prime opportunity to reinvent ourselves and completely rewrite the script.

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