The full moon of Aug 11 (6:36 pm PT) falls in the sacred month of Shravan, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the supreme liberator. If you’re seeking a new sense of freedom, this powerful full moon brings a higher perspective to issues at hand, and transforms confusion and doubt into higher awareness.

Housed in the area of the sky called Dhanishta, the “Star of Symphony,” this full moon is symbolized by Lord Shiva’s cosmic drum, which he plays while dancing the tandava, the dance of creation and destruction.

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The rhythm of time constantly flows around us, and Lord Shiva’s tandava symbolizes divine harmony as well as divine timing.  This is an opportune moment to set intentions and make commitments to co-create in the future.

This full moon can magnify the healing power of music and dance.  It’s also the perfect time to go to a Sound Bath, or immerse yourself in the nectar of sacred chant. All forms of sound therapy are magnified in the days surrounding this full moon, so be sure to chant your favorite mantra or sing your favorite song.

This full moon is aligned with Saturn in sidereal Capricorn, and is making a serious and somewhat heavy influence on the mind and heart.  Saturn is at opposition with the sun now, which means his stern and humbling power is at its yearly peak.  Though sobering, this full moon has a dose of earnestness that can help you commit to actions that will bring benefit in the long-term.

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The ongoing Saturn-Uranus square is punctuated by this full moon. A tense and revolutionary awakening in the collective, as well as sudden unforeseen events, like earthquakes, are foreshadowed by this aspect. On a personal level, mood swings, inner conflict and restlessness can be evoked on this full moon.

This full moon is also celebrated in India as Rakhi Bandhan, a day when sisters tie a sacred thread around their brothers’ wrists to symbolize the family ties that bind them. It is also the birthday of the goddess Gayatri, the mother of the Gods and protector of sacred knowledge.

Dhanishta means “wealthiest,” and it’s ruled by 8 elemental gods (Vasus) that sustain and nourish the earth. Remember that we are all sharing in the wealth of this planet, and creating together in divine harmony and timing.

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