The full moon of August 22 (5:02 a.m. PT) has the power to shake things up and reorganize the working plan. Whatever you thought was happening could suddenly shift, and in its place come unusual or unexpected situations.

This late summer full moon has an innovative and expansive influence, as well as a sharp and surprising edge. Sudden shake-ups are occurring in the days surrounding this full moon, as it heralds a new status quo in key areas. Whether it’s in love, family, or career, events may unfold that steer you in a whole new direction now.

Falling in the area of the sky called Dhanishta, this full moon is symbolized by the celestial drum played by Lord Shiva in his dance of destruction, the tandava. Dhanishta is a star ready to trailblaze into new realms and lead humanity toward a higher sense of truth and justice.

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Also called the “star of symphony,” Dhanishta is known to increase the healing power of music. This is a perfect time to go to a Sound Bath, or immerse yourself in the nectar of sacred chant. All forms of sound therapy are magnified in the days surrounding this full moon, so be sure to chant your favorite mantra or sing your favorite song. Don’t be shy – this full moon is begging you to let it out full throttle.

The Dhanishta full moon can also increase your sense of timing, intuition, and self-awareness. Be sure to listen to your inner knowing and heed whatever subtle messages it might whisper. Friends can give advice, but your gut feelings know what is best for you.

To complicate matters, volatile Uranus is now in a stationary position, which means it’s unmoving and powerful. Also called “the awakener,” Uranus will turn retrograde on August 19. The result is a rare and chaotic influence that is already becoming evident in the social upheaval seen in Afghanistan and the destructive earthquakes that have devastated Haiti.

While you may feel as though things are falling apart, the Dhanishta full moon offers a potent lunar blessing. You may be able to see the bigger picture in a way you previously haven’t, or understand the unhealthy patterns that have ruled your life for too long. In simple terms, your perspective will shift.

At the same time, Jupiter, the planet of higher vision, is now at peak luminosity. Positioned just a few degrees away from the full moon, Jupiter will appear brighter now than it will for the next year. Known in Vedic Astrology as Kesari Yoga, or lion yoga, this conjunction of Jupiter is known for giving luck, opportunity, and a heightened sense of purpose.

On this Dhanishta full moon, take a moment to remember your intentions, and honor the many gifts you have been given. Your path is being cleared for new growth, and it’s time for your gifts to come to fruition. Don’t get distracted by the upheaval — stay in the flow, and you’ll find your tune.

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