Wild and treacherous 2019 is going out with a bang. A solar eclipse on Dec 25, followed by a lunar eclipse on Jan 10, will punctuate the end of a decade.  Seize this opportunity to hit the reset button on something that you’re ready to change — and then try something totally new.

Eclipses accelerate change, and can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you feel like you’re getting pushed over the edge this holiday season, hang in there, a wave of healing momentum is growing in the weeks to come. 2020 is a year that holds nothing back in the of transformation.

The solar eclipse will occur in the area of the sky called Mula, the “root star,” where a fierce goddess of destruction dwells.  With expansive Jupiter close by, this solar eclipse holds a power to regenerate spiritually and visualize the future in a revolutionary way.

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Take heed, a rare alignment of planets is forming with this eclipse, amping up tensions and polarizing view points across the board.  Avoid discussing contentious issues (like politics) at holiday parties or family gatherings, especially if it could create unnecessary conflict.

Within the often overwhelming and exhausting energy of this time, there’s an important healing message coming though. How can you step into your power to create positive change in the year to come?

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