Been on a roller coaster ride of uncertainty lately? If unexpected changes, challenges, or storms have cast a shadow on your path in recent weeks, get ready for a step in a clearer direction. The full moon of April 23 shines with a brilliant and clarifying light.

According to Vedic Astrology, this full moon is in the area of the sky called Swati nakshatra.  Known as the “young sprout blowing in the wind,” Swati is connected to prana, the life energy that breaths within us and around us.

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Observing your breath can have a profound effect on the mind, body and soul on this full moon.  Yogic breathing exercises or simply connecting with the heart chakra through your breath is beneficial on this full moon.

Since April 1, Mercury Retrograde (along side a transformative eclipse season) has come with difficult, stressful, and possibly life-changing events.

On April 25, Mercury will turn direct as he joins the eclipse shadow snake, Rahu.  Breakthroughs and epiphanies happen around this time, so be open to new possibilities coming forward.

Take heed, an alignment of fiery Mars and militant Saturn has been pressing on the world since March 15, and a deadly yama yoga has coincided with increased military activity and casualties of war in the Middle East.

On April 22, Mars will leave the harrowing influence of Saturn, and join erratic Rahu in sidereal Pisces.  This combination can overheat tempers, enflame rebellion, and generally cause trouble, particularly in international politics and cyberspace.

However, this Swati full moon is ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love and abundance.   New emotional standards are rising with this full moon, especially in the realm of relationships, alliances, and financial security, which is Venus’s domain.

Heart-centered Venus is sitting at the final degree of the Zodiac–an edgy and creative place where endings and beginnings collide. There may be something karmic or pre-destined in the air right now, and the experiences you’re having, although confusing, can ultimately lead to a clearer vision of your truth.

Jupiter is in a rare conjunction with the outer planet Uranus now. Sudden growth, unusual challenges, and progressive attitudes are on the rise.

On May 1, expansive Jupiter will exit war-like Aries and enter sidereal Taurus, ushering in a chapter of practicality, desire for stability and focus on the common good. Jupiter in Taurus can help you to tap into unknown resources and create more wealth.

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This Swati full moon is ruled by Vayu, the Vedic god of wind and prana.  This full moon is celebrated as the Hanuman Jayanti, the auspicious birthday of Vayu’s powerful son, Lord Hanuman.

In the Ramayana, Lord Hanuman is the monkey god who helped to battle a terrible demon that threatened to destroy the world. Lord Hanuman symbolizes an infinite strength and courage that is within us, to stand up against injustice and create balance in the world.

Focus on how you could help others in need now.  Listening to the Hanuman Chalisa can magnify the positive influence of full moon.

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