The long-awaited Great American Solar Eclipse of April 8 is about to sweep across the continent in an epic display of shadow and light. Stormy astral weather coincides with eclipses, and it may be that something is falling apart or on uncertain grounds as the eclipse approaches.  Brace yourself for change, breakthroughs and turnarounds, as there’s a wild card in the eclipse shadow. Decisions made around this time can bring repercussions for months sometimes years to come.

This is the longest total solar eclipse experienced on earth in the last 50 years, spanning from 7:42 am – 1:52 pm PT. The narrow spotlight of the total eclipse shadow will reach the west coast of Mexico at 11:07 am PT, and then speed across the continent, ending in Canada approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes later.

The awe-inspiring shadow of the total solar eclipse is exponentially more dramatic along its path of totality.  And, like the bite of the shadow snake Rahu, the snake-like path of the solar eclipse has a dangerous and transformational effect.  Political unrest, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters, like earthquakes and tsunamis frequently coincide with this stormy time.

Eclipses don’t just affect the places where they’re seen, they can stir things up all over the world (as well as in you inner world.) The recent earthquake in Taiwan, the terrorist attacks in Russia, and major escalation of conflict in the Middle East are symptoms of this total solar eclipse’s impending arrival.

The Great American Solar Eclipse falls in the area of the sky called Revati, a star of wealth and nourishment.  This highly spiritual nakshatra falls at the end of the Zodiac, and has a special connection to endings, passages, ocean life, and shared wealth.

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According to Vedic lore, Rahu is the mouth of the shadow snake that devours the sun during the eclipse.  This confusing and rebellious snake demon has long been feared for the circus of illusion and ego he brings with him. Capable of bending minds and distorting perception, Rahu can stoke irrational fears and cause chaotic events.

But Rahu’s influence can also create positive breakthroughs.  Repressed feelings that have long lurked in the shadows are now being exposed, and problems that have been kept buried can be brought to light, so that they can finally be understood. Only light can dispel the darkness.

What makes this eclipse particularly impactful is that, according to Vedic Astrology, it’s the Vedic New Year — the first new moon after the Spring Equinox which is used to predict the karmic trends for the year to come.  The convergence of this North American Solar Eclipse with the Vedic New Year is a sign of transformation in the year to come, especially for the governments of United States, Mexico and Canada, where the path of totality falls.

Take heed, Mercury Retrograde is crossing a dangerous threshold between Aries and Pisces (gandanta) during the eclipse. There will be challenging issues surrounding travel, communication, and connectivity of all kinds.  It’s highly advised to stay clear of large public events, like Niagara Falls where the Canadian government has already declared a state of emergency because of the mass influx of Solar Eclipse observers.

While eclipses offer spiritual power, they also carry an essence of chaos within them. According to Hindu tradition, venturing outside to witness the eclipse poses inherent risks, as negative karmic patterns can be amplified by Rahu’s shadow. During the eclipse, practitioners are encouraged to fast and engage in personal prayer and meditation to harness the transformative power of this Tantric energy.  Mantra practice is exponentially more powerful during the hours of an eclipse.

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