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Listen to your heart. The new moon of August 18 ignites a lunar cycle in the heart of Leo the Lion, a fiery sign of honor, empowerment, and love. With a rare alignment of planets on trigger points for spiritual growth, we’re perched on the edge of something transformative and new.

The new moon (7:41 pm PT) is in the area of the sky called Magha, a star at the heart of the constellation Leo.   Magha new moon invokes the majestic power of a queen (or king), and is symbolized by a royal throne.  Take time to connect with your inner queen (or king.)  What reigns in your heart now? What gives you a sense of clarity and protection?

This nakshatra is also said to be the celestial throne of the ancestor spirits (pittris), the guardian angels that protect life on this planet.  Read more about Magha nakshatra here.

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Take heed, a powerful line up of planets (Mars, Sun, Mercury and Ketu) are currently in the final Zodiac degrees of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. These volatile edge points are called gandanta – “karmic knots.”  Falling on junctions of water and fire signs, the gandanta is where old karma unravels and new spiritual growth ignites.

Fierce Mars will cross the Aries/Pisces gandanta point twice more this year,  and the transformative snake, Ketu, will be on the Scorpio/Sagittarius gandanta through September.

Stormy weather (internal and external), emotional volatility, and tense interactions are more likely now.  Gandanta points are vortexes that can suck you into karmic whirlpools, but also hurl and spin you into spiritual growth spurts.

Pay attention, if you’re feeling blocked in some way, you might have a chance to get to the root cause quickly now.   How could you work to unravel knots that have been disempowering your spirit and slowing your progress?

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