PC Turczyn

The New Moon of Aug 16 has a powerful life force running through it.  This new moon coincides with a rare and transformation phase of Venus – the goddess of love, intimacy, wealth and happiness. The days surrounding this new moon can bring complex emotions up to the surface.  If you feel on edge now, take heart, a new light of awareness is on the horizon.

The new moon (2:38 am PT) is in the highly emotional area of the sky called Ashlesha nakshatra, called the “clinging star.”  Known for its complicated feelings and passionate interactions, Ashesha new moon is symbolized by the snake (Naga spirit), and the mystical life-power of Kundalini.

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Ashesha new moon has the fierce power of a snake’s venom, to harm as well as heal.  It opens new dimensions of consciousness and can greatly accelerate your journey toward healing and empowerment. Ashlesha also holds the key to the shadowy power of the unconscious, the subterranean realm of the Naga snakes.

Nagini – Serpent Goddess

Snakes are highly sensitive beings with instinctive wisdom.  Ashlesha new moon gives awareness of subtle vibrations and increased intuition. There’s an entrancing and hypnotizing effect on the mind and heart on this new moon, but beware, relationship boundaries can become fuzzy, if unmaintained.

Boundaries are being tested in many ways now, as love-centered Venus sinks deeper into her retrograde cycle.  As Venus appears to be burning in the rays of the sun, it’s said that old standards of beauty and love burn up with her.  The tragic fires in beautiful Maui, Hawaii have coincided with this most destructive and deadly part of Venus’s retrograde passage.

On a personal level, Venus retrograde can bring a heightened awareness of where you’ve been overtaxed, neglected or disrespected, particularly in love, family, friends, and work-related agreements. If you feel your boundaries have been crossed, this is a time to address unmet needs, and restructure your contracts and intentions.

Take heed, the Ashlesha new moon sits on the edgy degree called gandanta, the final degree of sidereal Cancer.  People are likely to be more erratic or defensive around this time, as a snake is ready to bite when it feels cornered or undermined. If possible, avoid difficult confrontations for a few days surrounding this new moon.

This can be an emotional time for sensitive people. If someone you know is having a hard time, reach out to let them know you care.  Also, beware of mood-altering substances, as they can have exaggerated effects.

Venus retrograde is a time for honoring and integrating your “dark feminine” aspects. Recalling old resentments and letting go of the past can bring an opportunity to rewrite the script surrounding intimacy, financial abundance, and creativity now.

In the weeks to come, a new and more fierce version of Venus will rise before dawn as the Venus Morning Star. It’s said that Venus Morning Star brings an awakening of true authenticity and empowerment in love and artistic expression.

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