The Full Moon of Aug 1—the closest super moon of the year—has the power to heighten intuition and sharpen awareness. This empathic full moon focuses on how to listen to and connect with others, as well as with yourself, and can help open the mind and heart to new possibilities in relationships.

This sacred full moon (11:31 a.m. PT) falls in the area of the sky known as Shravana, the star of learning. Symbolized by the celestial ear of the universe, Shravana allows subtle and unheard messages to finally reach our ears. Now is the time to listen and learn from your inner most voice and its wisdom.

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While this Shravana full moon illuminates connection, it can also show you where it may be lacking in your life.  With solitary Saturn gazing on Venus, Mars and Mercury, fear or inhibition may seem more apparent, but simultaneously an opportunity for improved communication with others is coming forth.

Venus, the goddess of love and wealth is now retrograde and looking back into the past.  Venus Retrograde is tuning into what may be missing in your life, and staking her claim for true happiness and fulfillment. This is a time to review, reconsider, and restore balance in your relationships and contracts, as well as in your bank account.

Take heed, on August 6, Venus will back up into the sign of emotional Cancer, and over a dangerous threshold called gandanta –the karmic knot.  A process of shedding old beliefs, disentangling from karmic patterns, and detoxifying from the past will continue until Venus stations direct on September 3.

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The Shravana full moon falls in the sacred festival of Sawan, a time of spiritual devotion to Lord Shiva. It’s said that the goddess Parvati carried out penance and fasting for the entire month of Shravan in order to get married to Lord Shiva.  This is a time for doubling down on spiritual practices. Mantras to Lord Shiva can bring a special clarity to your creative vision and commitments.

Listen closely, because on this Shravana full moon, you may hear messages whispered from the deepest parts of your soul, or the forgotten desires of your heart. If each of us, on an individual level, can attune to our own highest truth, it will be far easier to come together in loving, supportive community.

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