The new moon of July 9 (6:17 pm PT) is at the threshold of a new awakening.   We’re coming out of some pretty rocky astrological weather and this potent new lunar cycle can help you envision your future, reboot your heart and make a fresh start.

Falling in the area of the sky called Punarvasu,“the return of the light,” this new moon is a much-needed dose of renewal. Punarvasu supports self-improvement, creative insight, and can help you see your problems in a new light.

If you’re ready to break a habit, improve your diet, or expand your creative impact on the world, take stock of what you need to move forward now. With a positive aspect from expansive Jupiter, this new moon is energizing growth for weeks to come.


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Punarvasu is ruled by an ancient Vedic goddess named Aditi.   Translated as “boundless,” Aditi, is a creation goddess of limitless and ever-rejuvenating life. This is a time to tune into Mother Nature as the divine mother of creation (para-shakti) that nourishes and renews all life.  How could you better protect and nurture yourself, family, and community now?

Mother Nature is clearly urging a call to action.  As deadly high temperatures and wildfires have swept across the pacific northwest, fiery Mars has formed an explosive alignment with Saturn and Uranus, the awakener.

What we do collectively matters more than ever now.  By choosing renewable resources, buying locally sourced food, or getting involved with environmental protection in some other way, you can positively channel this alignment.

Take heed, warrior Mars is now joining heart-centered Venus in a turbulent area of the sky called Ashlesha, the snake star.  This charismatic alignment has a lot of creative potential, but could trigger drama.

You might feel swept away by passion, or a surge of enthusiasm to do things differently. However, there’s also a natural inward pull for self-protection in Ashlesha.  Relationship issues around trust, creativity and power may be especially apparent at this time.

On July 11 in the evening sky, Venus and Mars will appear only a finger’s width apart next to the crescent moon.   In Vedic astrology, when two planets are positioned less than 1 degree apart, a planetary war is formed (graha yuddha).  From July 11 – 15 beware of impulsive behavior, argumentativeness, fire and generally overly excitable situations.

Use this new moon to remember the life-giving and inter-connective power of Mother Nature. She provides us with everything we need on earth, including our physical bodies.

When we protect her, we protect ourselves.

How this influence will affect you depends on how these planets are transiting your birth chart, book a personal astrology reading me to learn more.