It’s time for a clearing. The new moon on June 28, 2022 is stirring up storms, and clearing the air for better self-understanding, true love and honest communication.

The new moon (7:52 pm pt) is in the area of the sky called Ardra, a star of intensity, drive and emotional depth.  Called the “star of storms,” Ardra has the ability to trigger sudden flare-ups, passionate awakenings and fierce actions.

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Symbolized by a raindrop or teardrop, Ardra is a star of devotion, but also frustration. This new moon is an ideal time to release pent-up emotions – try dancing, hitting a pillow, yelling alone, or at a peaceful gathering of protest.  It’s time to cleanse toxins, both physically and emotionally, so improving your diet, or doing an Ayurvedic treatment like panchakarma could be perfect at this time.

In the days surrounding this new moon, extreme weather patterns are likely, particularly rainstorms and floods.

An extraordinarily and fortunate planetary alignment is occurring in July.  This rare and auspicious line-up includes Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury all in their own signs, and portends the birth of a great soul.  The waxing lunar fortnight, June 28 – July 13 (from new moon to full moon), is a particularly lucky time to begin activities and sign contracts.

Take heed, warrior Mars could overheat things in fiery Aries. Mars has a willful drive that pushes for strong and daring actions, especially as he crosses the jaws of Rahu, the shadow serpent and Uranus, on July 31. There may be a breakthrough at this time to act on something you’ve been hesitating on, but be careful of impatience and contention.

Though not simple, the June 28 Ardra new moon can serve as an initiation to new resolutions, recovery and grace in your life. Particularly, if you, or someone you know, is battling an addiction – whether it be to a substance, food, relationship, or any other unhealthy coping strategy – this new moon is an ideal time to work through unconscious fear and underlying trauma.

Ardra new moon triggers the fierce power of Lord Shiva in the form of Rudra – the father of the storm gods – who is armed with lightning bolts that cut through the darkness of ignorance. Rudra holds the power to dissolve fear and doubt in a single flash of awareness. Heart-felt and honest conversations can have a dramatic and transformational effect on long-standing karmic blockages.

How these planetary transits affect you personally depends on your birth chart.  Book a Vedic Astrology reading to learn more.