Searching for the something new? On June 10 a rare and dramatic Ring-of-fire Solar Eclipse will cross central Canada and the Arctic. If you’re ready for a new relationship, job change, or another daring step toward greater fulfillment, this solar eclipse is a transformative portal of possibility.

Solar eclipses are omens of change, shocking events, and signs of shaky and uncertain circumstances.  The days surrounding a solar eclipse may feel particularly strange or confusing, but solar eclipses are also known to plant seeds that later bloom into breakthroughs, growth spurts, and important turnarounds.  Their impact can extend out for months, sometimes even years, to come.

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The solar eclipse occurs in the Vedic lunar sign of Mrigashira, “the searching star.” Symbolized by the energy of a wild stag in pursuit (Mriga means deer and Shira means head) this passionate nakshatra inspires the soul to seek out fulfillment of heart felt desires.  Themes of emotional freedom and attachment are also emphasized here.

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A moon god named Soma rules over this passionate area of the sky.  Soma is also the name of the intoxicating nectar of immortality, that was sought after by angels and demons alike.  Mrigashira Solar Eclipse can stir the heart and awaken old feelings. Beware of increased restlessness and agitation in people, as well as animals.

With Mercury retrograde conjoined this solar eclipse, brace yourself for big misunderstandings.  Brain fog, an inability to concentrate, or general anxiety, may also be increased.   Mercury is also the planet of the marketplace, and unusual economic volatility is likely in the months to come. This Mercury retrograde is not an ideal time to travel, but it can trigger spontaneous and transformative reunions with family and friends.

A special formation of Mercury and heart-centered Venus (parivartana yoga) supports healing through relationships, as well as other forms of creative expression and self-nourishment.  This is a fertile time for vetting your heart, and possibly even doing major overhauls on some aspect of your life. Mercury retrograde will end on June 22.

June 9, which is the day before the solar eclipse, is also Shani Amavasya, a special time to honor the planet Saturn.  A grounded and stable Saturn can bring inner peace, maturity, and patience in life.   Fasting, selfless service, and prayer are a few beneficial ways to honor Lord Saturn (as well as the eclipse) on the evening of June 9. Use this time to slow down, look within and ask yourself what’s really important to you.

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