Full Moon Vedic Astrology Forecast

*art by Jeffery Smith

The full moon of May 7th will shine a pristine light into the darkness. The clouds have been heavy as of late, and this potent full moon—a super moon—has the power to awaken consciousness in an instant, providing clarity and lighting our path.

Falling in the area of the sky known as Vishaka, the Vedic star of purpose, this super-charged full moon (3:44 a.m. PT) will force us to get real. If you have unanswered questions about your soul’s purpose, or a relationship, or even a pressing financial matter, the days surrounding this super moon can reveal a higher truth—however liberating or inconvenient.

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Vishaka means forked, or branched, and invokes a brilliant image of a lightning bolt branching across the sky. Like a flash of lightning, Vishaka can act as a catalyst for sudden insight and clarity. Vishaka is also the cosmic home of Indra-Agni, a Vedic fire deity who has been invoked since ancient times to burn through doubt and confusion.

This Vishaka full moon is also celebrated as Buddha Purnima, the birthday of the Gautama Buddha. The Buddha taught mastery through steady focus of mind, and it’s said that after many years of suffering, he finally attained enlightenment on this May full moon; according to legend, he also died and was liberated from the Karmic cycle on this same lunar day.

Whether your goal is enlightenment, having kids, or buying a new car, the practice of meditation can help. It’s said that the power of meditation is enhanced around the Vishaka full moon, so take time to sit and follow your breath for at least ten minutes a day. Be present with what is, and simply observe the emotions that may arise in your body.

Rare Retrograde Shift 

Brace yourself for change, because a dramatic shift is coming. Beginning on May 9th, three planets—Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus—will simultaneously turn retrograde. When planets go retrograde, it means they slow down, before coming to a complete stop. When this happens, their unique planetary influence becomes more pronounced.

Like a song on rewind, retrograde planets take us back through our old patterns and beliefs, forcing us to revisit unresolved issues. In the case of Venus, which will retrograde starting May 13th, we may be asked on both a personal and collective level to re-evaluate how we manage the realm of finances. Venus, the planet of wealth and connectivity, also rules matters of the heart, so personal relationships may be up for reconsideration—whether it’s ending an existing one, or reflecting on a past one that may have caused undue pain.

While Venus retrogrades, Jupiter and Saturn will also hit the brakes, then dig their heels into the no-nonsense sign of Capricorn for most of mid-May. This portends a serious reality check—if the May 7th super moon wasn’t enough—so be prepared for possible curveballs and have faith that whatever arises is there to align you with your highest good.

On a global level, this triple planetary retrograde will bring a lot of backlogged work, but it could have other serious consequences as well. The stock market will continue its fluctuations, and the pandemic could ebb and flow throughout the summer, keeping some lock-down orders in place. The economy will sputter back to life in fits and starts, as issues of governance and human rights take center stage.

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