Hold on tight to your heart, spirit warrior—we’re in eclipse season, and this one’s a big one.

On May 26, a blood moon lunar eclipse will launch an intense new phase of personal growth. If you’re flooded with uncertainty, on the cusp of a decision, or in an exhausting emotional holding pattern, this once-in-a-lifetime eclipse will catapult you into the next phase. Be ready for the unexpected, and prepare for major life changes.

Accounting for its intensity, this eclipse will occur in sidereal Scorpio, a position notorious for increasing drama and triggering old fears and insecurities. Within Scorpio, it takes place in the star known as Anuradha, which is symbolized by a lotus flower. The lotus of Anuradha grows in the muddy depths of Scorpio’s passion, but once it blooms, it offers the spiritual qualities of selflessness, friendship, and devotion.

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Lunar eclipses always occur on full moons, and this one happens to fall on a supermoon. Its close proximity to the earth gives the moon its reddish hue—the reason it’s known as a “blood moon.” In the U.S., the eclipse will be visible in the early morning, peaking at 4:18 a.m. PT, and in Australia it will appear in the early evening. (According to Vedic tradition, it’s bad luck to watch a lunar eclipse; best to stay indoors and use the time for prayer and meditation.)

Blessed by Mitra, the sun god of friendship and love, Anuradha’s power lies in its ability to be devoted to the higher principle of love. With heart-centered Venus now visible in the evening sky, and in aspect to this lunar eclipse, a healing and transformative influence can grow in relationships.

Emotions could run high in the days surrounding this lunar eclipse, so be sure to calibrate your responses accordingly. It’s an ideal time to turn inward and take an inventory of where you stand in terms of relationships, career, and family—really any of the major aspects of your life.

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Trauma is also up for healing now. Past wrongs may rise to the surface, and you may find yourself stewing over all the injustice you see in the world around you, or perhaps in your own life. While it’s uncomfortable to feel these feelings, know that they are coming up to be released. Only by walking through the fire can we burn off the energies that no longer serve our highest good. Holding on to anger, no matter how justified, only serves to hurt our precious selves. This eclipse is inviting us to let go of the past and embrace the new paradigm.


Mercury and Saturn Retrograde

 To further intensify the effects of this super blood moon eclipse, it is bookended by two major planetary retrogrades—Mercury and Saturn. On May 23, three days before the lunar eclipse, Saturn—the stoic planet of limitation and karma—comes to a complete stop and turns retrograde. When this happens, Saturn’s power turns inward. You may be feeling more exhausted, introverted or overwhelmed than usual, so be sure to focus on self-care. Take a warm bath with Epsom salts, or take a contemplative walk somewhere green and beautiful.

Saturn Retrograde can cause delays and frustration, increasing the emotional pressure of this highly charged lunar eclipse. His sobering influence, however, can also help to re-define priorities in the areas of work and relationships, leading to more balance in your life.

Earthquakes, stock market corrections, and recalibrations of all kinds are common in the days surrounding Saturn’s turn retrograde, so do your best to remain centered as chaos swirls. Saturn will stay retrograde until Oct, 11, when it stations direct.

On May 29, three days after the lunar eclipse, Mercury Retrograde begins, asking you to slow down and check things twice. This retrograde will have a strong influence on the upcoming solar eclipse, which will occur on June 10. Stay tuned for more about this in my upcoming blogs.

The potent combination of this super blood moon eclipse and the de-stabilizing influences of Mercury and Saturn in retrograde will make for a uniquely powerful time. If you can process all the emotions that come up, and turn toward your inner light, you will ascend and flourish on the other side.

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Photo by Robert Cornelius