The new moon of May 22 (10:38 am PT) is the start of a collective reset.  This new moon can change your perspective on the past and present, and spark a new hope for the future.  It’s a time to declutter your inner world and remember what is simple and true for you. There’s a powerful eclipse season around the corner.

The new moon is in the area of the sky called Krittika Nakshatra, the star of the spiritual warrior, symbolized by a razor-sharp blade.  This new moon cuts through confusion, as it fights ignorance and misinformation with the blade of eternal truth.

Krittika is the home of the Vedic fire god, Agni, who has been invoked since ancient times in sacred fire ceremonies called yagya.  The element of fire is called upon as the light of divine consciousness that burns what is offered into it to ashes.

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The troubling and fearful influence of the COVID-19 pandemic was foreshadowed by an astrological formation called Kala Sarpa Yogathe snake of time.  Since February, this alignment of all planets on one side of the eclipse shadow snake (Rahu and Ketu) has magnified the harrowing forces of global karma and the pandemic.

On May 20, Rahu shifts out of the destructive star of Lord Shiva (Ardra) to enter the heart-searching star of Mrigashira.   However, false starts, polarized opinions and conflicting narratives will continue through June, when the eclipses will stir up more unsettling events.  Stay open to change, there may be a unique opportunity to transform your life emerging now.

The upcoming new moon (May 22) will conjoin heart-centered Venus and analytical Mercury.  Venus is Retrograde, which means it may be time to get back to unfinished business, particularly in the arena of relationships and financial security. Learn more about how Venus Retrograde affects you – Get the Venus Retrograde WebClass – with Venus Horoscopes.

Slow Saturn is also retrograde, back-spinning on heavy work and responsibilities with frustrating delays.  Saturn has a stabilizing influence on this new moon, one that bolsters inner strength and common-sense. If you’re looking for a new job or home, this new moon gives cautious determination that will ultimately lead to success. Use this time to catch up on delayed work, unopened mail, or to consider how to restructure debt and strategize for the immediate future.

The day leading up to the new moon (May 21) is celebrated as Shani Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Saturn. Called the lord of karma, Saturn is feared for his tendency to delay progress and make us pay for our mistakes.  While Saturn’s lessons are often difficult to endure, his influence brings maturity, spiritual strength, and  inner peace.  It’s said that when Saturn is pleased he awards the power and wealth of entire kingdoms.

If you are undergoing a cycle of Saturn (dasha), or a Saturn transit such as Sade Sate, or if you feel the influence of Saturn is limiting your progress in life, observing a fast on Shani Jayanti would be highly beneficial. Fasting on the day before this fiery new moon is said to invite Saturn’s blessings and positive aspects into your life.

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This new moon could feel like just the beginning of a whole new set of challenges in your life.  Consider the lessons of slow and serene Saturn, and begin by taking things one step at a time. New opportunities will soon rise from the ashes.

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