It’s during the darkest hours that we must focus on the light.  The full moon of April 7, (7:35 pm PT) is the closest and brightest super moon of 2020.

In Vedic Astrology, this full moon is in Chitra, a nakshatra of inner wisdom, truth, and clarity. Chitra is symbolized by a shining diamond, a jewel that’s formed under tremendous pressure and heat. Chitra full moon gives solutions to our problems, and precious insight, even under the pressure of crisis and tragedy. 

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Since the emergence of the novel Coronavirus at the beginning of 2020, Rahu, the head of the eclipse snake, has been in the stormy star of Ardra, while Ketu, the tail of the snake, has been in Mula, a fierce star of destruction in Scorpio’s stinger. 

Historically, eclipses in Mula, like a scorpion’s sting, precede shock and upheaval. For example, there was a Mula eclipse in 1918 at the beginning of the Spanish flu pandemic. Another Mula lunar eclipse occurred just 6 weeks before the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, and before the 9/11 attacks as well. The most recent eclipse in Mula occurred just last December, at the onset of the tragic COVID-19 pandemic.

Though frightening, Mula is also the star of Divine Mother Kali in her all-loving and spiritually awakened form.  Mula literally means root or foundation, and asks us to get to the root of what sustains us, to make sure it’s healthy, strong and resilient. 

It may feel like the foundation of the world is cracking now, but it’s also an opportunity to rebuild a stronger, deeper foundation from the bottom up.  Slowing down to assess your life’s path, and meditating on your root chakra is a grounding way to use this transformative time.

The current global crisis is also unfolding under a rare planetary formation called Vasundhara Yoga.  An astrological pressure-cooker is heating up Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Mars in the collective-minded star of Uttara Ashadha.  This difficult alignment will continue until Mars leaves Capricorn on May 4, and joins the healing star, Shatabhisha by May 14.

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Hanuman returns carrying a mountain with four plant medicines.
This full moon/super moon has one more special dose of spiritual strength: it’s the auspicious birthday of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god.  Lord Hanuman illuminates the infinite strength and courage within us. Try to focus on how you can help others though social distancing, prayer, donations, and other forms of selfless service.
Yoga, meditation, and prayer are potent now. Belief-orientated Jupiter is with transformative Pluto, triggering spiritual awakening and regeneration.  You can use this influence to help channel constructive and innovative forces, especially in the wake of change.  Learn more about how. Get the Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn Webinar Class with horoscopes for your Vedic sign.