Sensing a change in the air? Searching for the next step? The full moon of April 29, 2018 (5:58 pm) conjures up winds that can blow clouds of uncertainty and doubt away.  If you have been questioning your direction, this full moon shines a spotlight on the unique talents and abilities within you. Brainstorming new ideas, sharing stories with others, and creating vision boards for the future are some ways to harness the power of this full moon.
1. Moon in Swati
​In Vedic astrology, the full moon will be in and area of the sky called Swati.  Known as the “young sprout blowing in the wind,” Swati is connected to prana, the energy that breathes life within us and around us. Vayu, the Vedic god of wind, rules over Swati full moon.  Vayu is said to be the animator of life and the invisible force that keeps our hearts beating and our lungs breathing.
Observing your breath can have a profound effect on the mind, body and soul on this full moon.  Yogic breathing exercises or simply connecting with the heart chakra through your breath is very beneficial now.  (Never attempt to learn advanced pranayama exercises without guidance and instruction of a teacher.)

Vayu is the color of clouds, rides a wild deer, and dwells in the heart chakra.

2. Moon Conjoined Jupiter
The full moon will be conjoined inspirational Jupiter who will appear unusually bright in the night sky.  Jupiter’s expansive influence is magnified because it is now closer to the earth than it has been in over a year.  Jupiter can brighten the mind with optimism and hope on this full moon. Together with expressive Venus (swa in her own sign of Taurus), this full moon energizes social activities, education, and counseling.
This is a time for clarifying goals and deepening self-understanding. Vedic astrology is a powerful tool that can help you uncover your hidden potentials quickly and tap into your innate strengths.  To learn more about your Vedic astrological chart, book a one-on-one reading with me here.


​3. Kurma Jayanti – Turtle Moon
In India, this full moon is celebrated as Kurma Jayanti. Kurma the turtle is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. In the trinity of creator, sustainer, and destroyer, Lord Vishnu is the sustainer, and Kurma is the turtle that sustains the world and supports the churning oceans of creation on his back.
Like the churning oceans, Swati full moon could feel restless and agitated, but Swati is also known to empower inner truth and creativity. Everyone has a unique role to play and gift to bring to this world, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. On this full moon, remember how you are an indispensable part of creation.

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