On April 30, a solar eclipse is shaking the inner world, and waking sleeping hearts and souls. This partial solar eclipse is only visible in areas of South America and Antarctica, but the eclipse’s strange and transformative repercussions may be felt worldwide.

The weird and wonky weeks that surround solar and lunar eclipses often come with alarming and unusual situations.   Plot twists and epiphanies can change things in surprising ways.  Eclipses bring endings, new beginnings, and often big growth spurts.

This solar eclipse occurs in an area of the sky known as Bharani nakshatra, symbolized by the yoni or womb, it’s also known as “the star of restraint.” Bharani holds the divine feminine life force and the power of sexual energy to heal and regenerate.

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If you’re ready for change, Bharani solar eclipse is a potent opportunity for transformation. It’s said to be the abode of Lord Yama, the Hindu god of death, who is responsible for collecting and directing souls who have died toward a new womb, and their ultimate rebirth.

This solar eclipse is joined the shadow serpent’s jaws, Rahu, and toxins associated with addiction, co-dependence, and negative self-beliefs may be surfacing.  Use this time to re-direct your life-force toward healing and self-understanding.  The power of mantra and prayer is exponential during this eclipse.

For the next few weeks, expansive Jupiter and passionate Venus are coming extremely close together in the mystical sign of Pisces. They are visible in the morning sky before sunrise, and are increasing intuition, insight, and magical occurrences. Learn more: Jupiter in Pisces 2022-2023 Horoscope Class

From April 29 – May 1, Jupiter and Venus, alongside the mysterious planet Neptune, will be within 1 degree of one another.  According to Vedic astrology, this is called a planetary war (graha yuddha), which can create volatile frictional energy, particularly in the realm of relationships.

Jupiter is the righteous “guru of the gods,” and the teacher of dharma, while Venus is said to be the guru of eternal life and desire.  When these two gurus come together they can empower great artistic expression and achievement, but they can also create over-indulgence, or get swept away by passion.

Venus is described in the puranas as Lord Shukra, who once fell passionately in love with an enchanting feminine spirit (apsara) name Viswachi.  Because of their insatiable love they fell down to earth, and lived and died many times, before Shukra (after much penance to Lord Shiva ) finally gained the knowledge of the Sanjeevini Vidya — the power of eternal life.

This could be a game-changing eclipse in matters of the heart, artistic creativity, and fulfillment in life.  Fated meetings, sudden awakenings, and exciting opportunities are likely.  Take a moment to remember and honor what you enjoy. What makes you feel alive and gives you satisfaction is coming into focus, just be mindful of not over doing it.

Another monumental change occurs on April 28, as the great hour-hand of planets, Saturn, shifts forward into sidereal Aquarius. Saturn, the planet of limitation and structure, is at his strongest in Aquarius, a sign of truth, science and universal law.   Learn more about the power of Saturn in Vedic Astrology —Join my upcoming Saturn in Aquarius Zoom Class – Horoscopes for 2022 -2025 

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