On Feb 24 (4:30 am PT) the full moon of Magha Purnima magnifies the power of prayer, affirmations and charitable actions.  This full moon is said to be one of the most auspicious full moons of the year for spiritual openings and inner work.

Magha Purnima is named for a brilliant star called Magha, that’s located in the heart of the constellation of Leo the lion.  Known for its big-heartedness, loyalty and mysterious esoteric powers, Magha is said to be the home of the ancient Vedic deities called Pitris, the collective ancestral spirits and protectors of all life on this planet.

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On this full moon, natural waters (like rivers and lakes) are imbued with the power to wash away accumulated negative karma, and the beneficial effects of charitable donations are said to be multiplied exponentially.

Take heed, the divine lovers, Venus and Mars are heating up relationship dynamics this month, bringing passionate emotions, conflict and reactivity.  This charismatic influence can transform power dynamics and give birth to new creative vision, but it may feel especially challenging in the days leading up to the full moon as Venus and Mars join in graha yuddha (planetary war).

On Feb 28, heavy Saturn and speedy Mercury come into a rare alignment with the sun.  Exhaustion, overwork, and delay may slow things down in the days surrounding this double combustion. Try to keep plans simple and avoid travel, if possible.

There is no need to have everything perfect at this time. Use this rare and potent Magha Purnima for commitments to self-improvement, meditation or fasting, or making charitable donations to causes that you care about.

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