The Full Moon of April 16 (11:55 am PT) opens a portal of hope, courage, and strength – especially for those seeking peace and justice in this world. This full moon marks a golden opportunity to reset your course toward higher and more expansive goals.

Falling in the area of the sky known as Chitra in Vedic Astrology, this Libra full moon can give renewed clarity, compassion and self-understanding. Chitra is symbolized by a shining diamond, a jewel that’s formed under tremendous pressure and heat. This full moon offers solutions to our problems, and precious insight, even under tremendous pressure and stress.

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An ancient god of divine creation, Vishvakarma, rules over Chitra Full moon.  Due to his influence in the sphere of design, this full moon is an ideal time to initiate art projects, home improvements, as well as visualize and plan for your future.

On April 13,  expansive Jupiter moved into mystical Pisces, where subtle doors to higher awareness and intuition begin to open.  Meditation, music and the powers of water to nourish and purify is growing, especially later when Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune on April 27.

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Shaatish Rajendran

The full moon has another special dose of spiritual strength – it’s the auspicious birthday of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god.

In the Ramayana, Hanuman helps Lord Rama to fight a terrible demon that threatens to destroy the world.  Hanuman’s infinite devotion and strength are key in stopping the forces of imbalance, greed and injustice that threaten our world and the universal order (dharma).

Lord Hanuman represents the courage and strength that lies hidden within us all. Use this full moon to step up to a higher version of yourself,  and focus on how you could help others in need.  Listening to the Hanuman Chalisa can also magnify the positive influence of this full moon.

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