Ready for a new phase?  The new moon of April 11 (7:31 pm PT) shines like a light at the end of a tunnel. With the life-giving power of the sun growing stronger, this lunar cycle supports positive change, planting seeds, and inspiring breakthroughs in your life.

The new moon is in the area of the sky known as Revati, a Vedic star of nourishment and protection.

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This new moon sits on the cusp of change between the last sign of Pisces and the first sign of Aries.  We are at a bridge point between endings and new beginnings.

For this reason, this new moon is also called the Vedic New Year In Vedic Astrology, it’s used to predict political and economic trends for the next twelve months. To see an entire nation’s forecast, Vedic astrologers cast the new moon chart for the capital city.  See my latest new moon video for the US Vedic New Year chart.

Also, this is the end of the Vedic Year of Sharvari (translated as twilight or night), and the beginning of the year of Plava, a word that implies “flooding, swimming, or flowing.”   Floodgates are opening in the year to come, and flowing with the river of change may be the best mode of transport.

In fact, this new moon falls at a spiritual crossroads called gandanta — or a karmic knot. It’s time to disentangle knots of self-doubt, fear, confusion, or whatever else holds you back from positive change.

A very auspicious shift of the ‘great benefic’ planet, Jupiter, is accelerating growth and possibility.  Jupiter (called guru), the one who brings knowledge, inspiration and light into the darkness, has just left behind the debilitating and restrictive sign of Capricorn.

For the next year, Jupiter will be in sidereal Aquarius — a sign of collective healing, innovation, and progress.  Find out how you can use Jupiter to grow creatively, financially, and spiritually in the months to come. Purchase the Jupiter in Aquarius, Vedic Horoscopes — Pre-Recorded WebClass

This New Moon also initiates the Hindu festival of Chaitra Navaratri – the springtime ‘9 nights of the Goddess,’ when the power of the divine feminine grows on earth. To learn more about the healing power of the goddess and Navaratriread this article.

Life is a journey with many twists and turns, and this new moon pushes for growth into uncharted territory.  However, within Revati lives a benevolent deity named Pushan, who is said to watch over lost souls and guide wandering spirits home.   Stay open to subtle messages and signs from the universe now. Revati New Moon sparks a light of truth that can gently guide you forward.

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