Feeling bogged down? Uncertain of the future? It’s time to step back into life. The full moon of March 9 (10:48 am PT) is a supermoon that’s bigger and brighter than normal, and full of the courageous power of life to renew itself.

The full moon is in the area of the sky called Purva Phalguni, a star of fertility, creativity and heart-centered commitment.  With the equinox just around the corner, Purva Phalguni full moon marks the end of winter’s hibernation (in the northern hemisphere) and the rebirth of spring.

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Holi, the springtime festival of color, love and forgiveness is celebrated on this day.

The full moon also coincides with the end of a swampy Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury’s forward motion can kickstart whatever’s been stuck or on hold in your life now.

This full moon is a supermoon, which means that it’s closer to earth and appears about 30% brighter than normal.  It has a stronger influence on ocean tides, as well as our hearts and minds. The inspirational effect of this supermoon can energize creativity and openness, but also induce anxiety and insomnia.

Concerns over the coronavirus and economic instability have been mounting since the tail of the eclipse snake, Ketu, joined the troubling star Mula in January.  Insecurity and fear are a hallmark of Ketu in Mula. The last time Ketu visited this area of the sky was 18 years ago, during the anxious time of the tragic 9/11 attacks.

Furthermore, a formation called Kala Sarpa Yoga (the serpent of time) has also been magnifying Rahu and Ketu’s unruly transformational power.  This influence will begin again on March 16 and continue intermittently through mid-July.

But keep the faith, Holi supermoon is a symbol of the victory of good over evil, and love over fear. This is a time for connecting with friends and family, and forgiving past resentments and grudges. So reach out to others. Expansive Jupiter is casting a benevolent glance onto this full moon and inspiring hope, gratitude and generosity.

On the eve of Holi full moon, bonfires burn throughout the night.  They symbolize the magical fire that saved saintly child Prahlada from the demon Holika. Use this supermoon to burn through uncertainty, free your innerchild, and reclaim your creative power.

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