On Feb 16 (8:57 am PT) a spiritually-charged full moon will brighten the night sky.  This full moon is celebrated in India as Magha Purnima, an auspicious day for bathing in holy rivers and giving to charity. It’s said that Magha Purnima magnifies the power of your good deeds, mantras and prayers.

At this time, natural waters (like rivers and lakes) are imbued with the power to wash away any accumulated negative karma, and the beneficial effects of charitable donations are said to be multiplied exponentially.

The full moon will be in the area of the sky known as Magha nakshata, which means the great one,” and that is symbolized by a royal throne.  Magha is the brightest star in the constellation of Leo, and is situated at the heart of the Lion.  Magha is also the home of the ancient Vedic deities called the Pitris, the original forefathers and protectors of all life on this planet.

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On this auspicious full moon in Magha, take the time to reflect on your ancestors and use the moon’s celestial light to connect with their support. Release the stories of the past, and stay open to new possibilities.  With Jupiter’s expansive aspect on this full moon, this is a potent time to reimagine who you’d like to become, and what you’d like to create in the future.


Venus and Mars War

From Feb 10 – March 11, the divine lovers, Venus and Mars are joined in what Vedic Astrology calls Graha Yuddha (planetary war).  When planets align very closely, their celestial rays merge and compete. At this point they are considered to be “too close for comfort.”

This unusual alignment of polarizing creative energies (think masculine vs. feminine/fire vs. water) can stir up strong desires, power struggles, relationship dynamics, as well as increased socio-political tensions.

Although it may feel challenging, Venus and Mars can help awaken true love in your life, and motivate you toward needed changes. Try to be patient with yourself and others, and avoid unnecessary conflict in the coming weeks, particularly with the opposite sex. What makes you feel interested in something or someone?  How could you step out of your comfort zone and experience something more meaningful now?

This Venus Mars War can bring a situation in your life to a boiling point, particularly surrounding issues of the house they are transiting in your birth chart. Book a reading to find out more


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