Feeling on edge? Under pressure?  A New Moon on Feb 11 is a big turning point, under a rare high-pressured astrological alignment.

Mercury Retrograde, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus are all aligned with this new moon in sidereal Capricorn — a sign of grounded self-awareness and authentic inner work.  This new moon also heralds the Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox, that foreshadows hard-work, diligence and determination to press forward.

In Vedic Astrology, the new moon (exact at 11:05 am pacific) is in the area of the sky called Dhanishta, the “star of symphony.”  Dhanishta is also called the wealthiest star and is connected to the elementals of nature, and the abundance of the earth. It’s symbolized by Lord Shiva’s drum in the tandava – a rhythmic dance of creation, preservation and dissolution.

Take time to listen to music, dance or play a musical instrument at this time. Chant or sing a mantra.  Dhanishta new moon enhances self-awareness, intuition and strengthens your ability to be in sync with your needs, as well as the needs of others.

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Idle talk and chatter should be avoided on this new moon.  In Hinduism, this new moon is the sacred Mauni Amavasya, a day best spent in meditation and prayer. It’s said that on this dark moon, the waters of the holy river Ganga imbibe the subtle quality of nectar.

Take heed, on a collective level this rare Capricorn alignment signals an important crossroads for governments and power structures worldwide.  With Uranus, the awakener and restrictive Saturn also in tense aspect, individual freedom (Uranus) vs government regulations (Saturn) continue to be under pressure through 2021.

Mercury Retrograde, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus are all “combust” on this new moon. When planets come close to the sun and disappear into its glare they are called “combust” (burning).   The invisible influence of these burning planets makes this new moon a powerful catalyst for inner work and transformation.

While this new moon alignment has a lot of potential to transform problem areas in your life, it may feel confusing, overwhelming, or like you’re “getting cooked” in some way. How this astrological influence personally affects you depends on how it aspects your birth chart.  To understand more book a one-on-one Vedic Astrology Reading.

This new moon is a rare opportunity for grounded inner work, that can awaken you to a new level of consciousness awareness in your life.  Take a moment of silence to listen to the inner wisdom of this new moon.

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