Ready for something new?  The total solar eclipse of Dec 4 is a turning point and an opportunity to redefine your path.

Eclipses often disrupt old ways of being and believing by shaking up the status quo.  If you’ve reached the end of your rope in some area of life, this could be the perfect time to cut yourself free.

This solar eclipse, which occurs from Dec 3 to Dec 4 (9:29 pm – 1:37 am Pacific Time) is only visible in Antarctica, South Africa, and Australia, however the effects of the eclipse will be felt worldwide.

According to Vedic Astrology, this solar eclipse is in  Jyestha, the “chief star.”  This fierce nakshatra is the red-colored star of war  (Antares) positioned at the heart of sidereal Scorpio.

Jyestha awakens a desire for self-respect and freedom, and bids you to make choices that better honor your highest self.

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On Dec 2 – two days before this powerful solar eclipse – Neptune will turn direct, ushering in a new wave of clarity and forward momentum.

But take heed, willful Mars enters Scorpio on Dec 4 (hours after the eclipse) to ratchet up the intensity.  Mars in Scorpio increases passion, inspires courage and deepens self-determination for weeks to come.  Mars in Scorpio is also known to uncovers secrets and reveal information that was previously hidden from consciousness.

On Dec 13, fiery Mars will cross the tail of the shadow snake, Ketu, heating up situations, and stoking impatience and reactivity.  This is a potentially dangerous time, so avoid unnecessary conflict, risky moves and reckless behavior.

Mars will join the exact degree of the eclipse on Dec 30, triggering a breakthrough event as the New Year begins. Learn more about what next year has in store for you.  Join the 2022 Live Zoom Forecast with horoscopes for all 12 signs.

After Dec 13, Kala Sarpa Yoga,  a special formation in which all 7 visible planets are on one side of the Rahu-Ketu eclipse axis, is formed. This volatile planetary alignment accelerates collective karma and sparks fated events until April 2022.  Learn more.

Jyestha Solar Eclipse supports spiritual practices, mantra, and meditation, and can help you to clear addictions and negative emotional patterns.  Use this time to sharpen your inner awareness, expedite closures and clear the path for something new and more supportive to emerge.

How this influence will affect you depends on how these planets are transiting your birth chart, book a personal astrology reading me to learn more.


Art by Mark Warren Jacques