Hector Mansila

Drop into your heart.  The new moon of Nov 26 ignites the final lunar cycle of 2019 and heralds an important turning point that’s just around the corner. 

In general, new moons are opportunities to turn within and take stock of the inner world.  This new moon focuses on how to better share your gifts and connect with others.

The new moon (7:06 am PT) is in the area of the sky called Anuradha nakshatra, the “star of success.” Symbolized by a fragrant lotus flower that blooms from murky depths, this new moon can especially help to heal issues around trust and intimacy.

Anuradha is ruled by an ancient god of friendship, Mitra, who is the embodiment of authentic connectivity, healthy boundaries and courageous devotion. How could you create stronger and more fulfilling alliances in your life?

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A harmonizing influence of Jupiter is closely conjoined Venus, the goddess of love, on this new moon.  Spending time with friends, enjoying music and art, and making new connections are positive ways to harness this energy. 

In the days leading up to the new moon (Nov 23 – 24) Venus and Jupiter will be tightly conjoined and in a planetary war.  In Vedic astrology, it’s said that Jupiter and Venus are both beneficial teachers, but they are of opposing forces that don’t always agree.  Be respectful of feelings, and mindful to not over-extend yourself or your expectations. A sharper awareness of your needs could give new insight on a relationship.

The month of December brings an unusual line up of planets with the shadow Ketu, the tail of the snake that causes eclipses. This will set the stage for a powerful acceleration of growth and change into 2020.  

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