Natacha Einat

The full moon of Nov 12 (5:34 am) has got courage and determination to shine through dark times. If you’re ready for greater prosperity, fulfillment, or just something more true to yourself, now’s the time to renew your vision.  A big step forward is around the corner.

The full moon is in the hard-working and industrious area of the sky called Bharani nakshatra, the star of “bearing,” or birthing.  Bharani is symbolized by the yoni (womb/birth canal), but also by Yama the god of death and restraint.   The great cycle of birth, life, and death are all played out in stubborn and tenacious Bharani,  giving this full moon a special power to regenerate from loss and renew itself.

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This is also the auspicious full moon of Kartik Purnima, the culmination of holy bathing days in India and a special day for many rituals and traditions.  The spectacular Dev Diwali in Varanasi is celebrated on this full moon. Thousands of lamps are lit on the bank of the Ganges to celebrate Lord Shiva’s victory over oppression and darkness.


On Nov 11, Mercury Retrogradepasses closer to the center of the sun than it will any other time this century. Unusual behavior of computers, delays and changes of plan, and botched communications may occur. This cazimi(solar heart) conjunction can reset minds and hearts, so be open to new ideas coming through.

A harmonizing aspect from Jupiter, which recently entered Sagittarius (sidereal), gives an optimistic boost to this full moon.  For the next year, Jupiter will be in its own sign (Mulatrikona), and shining a visionary light into the cosmos. Learn more about Jupiter’s transit for all 12 Vedic signs.

Finally, an aspect from courageous Mars on to the full moon creates an auspicious formation called Chandra Mangala Yoga.  This alignment emboldens and empowers the will and portends growth in business and career opportunities.  A mutual reception (parivartana yoga) between heart-centered Venus and warrior Mars gives added charisma and tact.

Bharani full moon is an omen of courage and empowerment and supports greater authenticity and self-acceptance.  Use this time to review your past and reconnect with your heart’s true desire.

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