Vedic Astrology Lunar Eclipse

Ready for a jolt of love? The lunar eclipse of Nov. 30 has the power to heighten desire and rejuvenate the heart. Creative endeavors as well as romantic encounters could feel more intense and passionate under the influence of this penumbral eclipse.

In Vedic Astrology, the eclipse will occur in the super-charged star of Rohini, a red star that represents the red eye of Taurus the bull. It’s said that Rohini is the moon’s favorite astral residence, and that under its influence the moon’s life-giving power is at its most potent. This passionate fertility star has the ability to spark new life, whether on a literal level or in regards to an artistic project, which could now come to fruition.

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The eclipse will span approximately four hours, from 11:32 p.m. (PT) on Nov. 29 until 3:53 a.m. (PT) on Nov. 30, and will be visible in North America, South America, northern Europe, eastern Asia, and Australia. Its effects will be felt most strongly by creatives, including artists, writers, and musicians, who may feel inspired for the first time in months, or possibly years.  It’s not advised to go outside and observe the eclipse.  Instead, use this critical time to go within, meditate and tap into your true feelings.

Even if you’re not consumed by artistic passion, you may find yourself more enamored than usual with a new flame or a long-term partner. This full moon eclipse has the power to bust open the blocked-up channels of stagnant emotion, allowing for the streams of love and vitality to flow freely once again.

With Venus, planet of love and beauty, directly opposite Uranus, which craves freedom, this eclipse could also have the opposite effect in some cases. While passions will be heightened, so too will tensions, and marriages or relationships could meet their end. Eclipses tend to bring about sudden changes, and this super-charged eclipse promises to stir the pot.

IMAGE: Lord Shiva shoots an arrow through the 3 evil cities (rightmost top corner) with the bow made of mount Meru, the serpent Vasuki is seen as its string. The moon and the Sun are depicted as the wheels of the chariot.


In India, this lunar eclipse is known as Kartika Purnima, when Lord Shiva destroyed three ancient and evil celestial cities, called the Tripura. It’s said that Lord Shiva shot a single arrow through these three cities at the rare and auspicious moment when they aligned, killing the demons that lived there, and freeing the world from their tyranny.

This is a time to free your heart and remember what you truly love.  But take heed, more change is on the horizon next month, as expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn will conjoin on the winter solstice, Dec. 21.  While these great planets expand restrictive COVID-19 lock-down measures, they also offer a powerful opportunity for personal spiritual growth. Historically, when Jupiter and Saturn converge, transformative socio-political changes occur, and this time their conjunction portends a tense transfer of power in the U.S.

In the days surrounding this Rohini lunar eclipse, allow yourself the space to work on creative projects, or spend time with a romantic partner. If you’re single, you may connect with a new flame, or simply feel the power of your own unique magnetism. Take this lunar eclipse as an opportunity to savor the moment, and to let the life-giving powers of the full moon spark your desire and renew your soul.

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