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On Oct 13, 2019 the earth will be showered with divinely blessed moonlight.  This nourishing full moon (exact at 2:08 pm PT) will increase happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment for those who gaze upon it. 

The full moon falls in Pisces, in the Vedic star of Revati, a nakshatra of nourishment and wealth.  If the universe has seemed to be holding you back financially, or it’s felt like you’re running in place, this month’s full moon can provide just the remedy.

This star’s also known for its ability to guide and protect travelers, and under Revati moon lost items are found and stray animals return home.

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The day before the full moon Sharad Purnima is celebrated, when the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity – Laksmi – descends upon the earth.  Fasting, meditating, and offering rice and sweet milk to the moon is said to bring success, fulfillment, and true love.  Sharad Purnima is on the evening of Oct 12 in US and Europe.


Laksmi Devi by Ananda VdovicIt’s said the shakti (divine feminine energy) of the goddess Laksmi pours down from this full moon in the form of Amrita Barkha, “the rain of nectar.”  Moon-bathing in this celestial nectar is especially beneficial for health and happiness.

To make your own shakti-charged “moon drink,” leave a glass of water or sweetened milk under the full moon for some time, then share it with friends and family.

Expansive Jupiter aspects this full moon, adding to its heart-opening and altruistic light.  This is an auspicious time to forgive past grievances, donate to charitable organizations, and rescue people or animals in need.

Heart-centered Venus and communicative Mercury are also joined in Libra, supporting social gatherings, music, and dance.  In fact, Sharad Purnima is the night of Lord Krishna’s ecstatic dance.  It’s said that Radha and the young village women (gopis), sneak out of their homes on this full moon, to blissfully dance with Lord Krishna for an evening that seems to last an eternity.

On this auspicious Revati full moon, celebrate the people and things that nourish your life.  Could you be more open to giving and receiving in life with no strings attached?  The source of divine love is always flowing, and it grows the more you give it away.

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