The new moon of Oct 6 (4:05 am PT) has a potent healing influence on mind, body and soul. If you’ve been indecisive or hesitating at a threshold, this new moon can bring a courageous push toward inner truth. Turn toward what feels challenging now with self-love and respect.

Falling in the area of the sky known as Hasta Nakshatra, symbolized by a hand,  this new moon magnifies the will to obtain what we desire. Hasta is associated with the Hindu god Savitur, who symbolizes the rising sun, and Gayatri Devi.

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Gayatri Devi

Savitur’s light shines through darkness and doubt, and leads us on the path toward greater self-understanding and awareness. Use the days following the new moon to envision what your soul wants to manifest, and to listen closely to your intuition.

Take heed, fiery Mars is fully combust (burning in the rays of the sun), enflaming tempers, and possibly creating impatient, sharp interactions.  People are more headstrong and unreasonable now, so try not to take things personally. Avoid alcoholic beverages, political discussions and unnecessary arguments.

With Mercury Retrograde close by the new moon, there’s an abundance of mental energy for inner searching and emotional repair. However, Mercury Retrograde tends to confuse communications and delay clear conclusions on matters.  Instead, use this uniquely charged time to look within at the beliefs that may be holding you back, then take an inventory on what you truly want.

In the Western world, anger in women has been widely associated with “madness,” and the expression of anger is often seen as unfeminine and threatening.  Tapping into the taboo emotion of anger can be deeply healing at this time.  This is a time to rapidly burn through blockages of fear, self-doubt and indecisiveness in your life.

The divine mother in her fierce and protective form is rising now. The days that follow this new moon are celebrated for their special ability to accelerate spiritual growth and healing.  Navaratri, the waxing moon of the Divine Feminine, runs from Oct 6 – Oct 14. Read more about Navaratri and the 9 nights of the demon-slaying goddess.


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