Shadows are lengthening and daylight hours are getting shorter, but in the approaching darkness a new light of possibility is shining. The new moon/solar eclipse on Oct 25 shines a spotlight on the threshold of a transformation.

The strange and turbulent days that surround solar and lunar eclipses have already begun.  Unforeseen difficulties, turning points, and plot twists often mark these memorable times.  Awakenings and epiphanies have the power to accelerate you into a radical new phase of life now, and an element of uncertainty is part of the package.

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The solar eclipse occurs in Swati nakshatra, a star of self-actualization and independence. There’s a flexible and unbreakable spirit within Swati that is said to be able to succeed against incredible odds.

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This new moon/solar eclipse occurs alongside the Hindu festival of lights – Diwali, a 5-day celebration of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.

On the dark moon night of October 24 (before the new moon/eclipse), lamps or candles are lit to banish the shadows and call in the light of prosperity for Diwali. While a solar eclipse is not considered auspicious for beginning projects or signing contracts, this one is an ideal time to light a flame of inner vision and pray for world peace.

The solar eclipse is visible over currently unstable Ukraine, Russia and parts of eastern Europe.

Venus, goddess of love and money, is combust the sun as she joins the solar eclipse in a near exact alignment.  On Oct 25, relationship-focused Venus will be eclipsed in the liberating tail of the serpent, Ketu.

Issues around boundaries, commitment, love and material security are at a tipping point now as the solar eclipse clears away whatever is unsupportive and untrue. A new standard of love and happiness is arriving when Venus reappears in the evening sky this December.

After nearly 5 months in retrograde, slow and doubtful Saturn is getting unstuck and turning direct on Oct 23.  Saturn will soon be moving forward in the innovative nakshatra of Dhanishta, a star of wealth and sustainability. Dreams that have been on hold can finally coming into long-awaited action.

But take heed, on Oct 30, Mars (the red planet of will and action) will begin his combative retrograde cycle.  Mars retrograde periods only occur every couple of years, and bring conflicting energies to the inner and outer world.  Mars retrograde is a 10-week period that can feel fiery and frustrating. Use this time for healing feelings of self-doubt, victimization, and disempowerment.  Mars stations direct on Jan 12, 2023.

The festival of Diwali honors the goddess Lakshmi, who was born from the cosmic ocean with the nectar of immortality.  Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, is also invoked now to give success for this coming year.

Despite the topsy-turvy energy of this eclipse season, realign yourself by lighting a candle and saying a prayer for compassion, peace and prosperity in the world.

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