On Oct 14, 2023, an historic Ring-of Fire Solar Eclipse will darken the morning sky above North America, as well as Central and South America. This rare solar eclipse, which will occur between 8:05 and 10:44 a.m. PT, brings with it shocking and troubling events, but also has the potential to open creative portals and inspire new ideas.

A deadly and tragic resurgence of war in the Middle East has begun under the influence of this solar eclipse. On a personal level, you may be feeling called to live more sustainably and peacefully in the world.  If ever there were a time to get back to what is of true value, like improving your health, relationships, or deepening a sense of empowerment in your life, it is now.  Under the influence of this ring-of-fire eclipse, energetic blocks that may have been snarling things for years can finally be removed.

This solar eclipse will take place in the section of Virgo called Chitra nakshatra, a star of Mother Earth.  Chitra, which means “shining” or “ingenious,” serves as the abode of the master architect, Vishvakarma, a Hindu deity who inspires new ideas and inventions. According to Vedic lore, Vishvakarma is also the master of maya, or illusion, as well as the creative process.

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There is also a strong connection to the Divine Feminine. This eclipse kicks off the sacred nine-night celebration of the goddess known as Navaratri, which, according to Hindu lore, opens a channel for the goddess Kali-Durga to descend from the heavens down to earth.

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To make this eclipse yet more special, this is the first Solar Eclipse to occur in sidereal Virgo in many years; it sets up a dramatic growth cycle for Virgo and Pisces that will continue for the next 18 months. This is important because Virgo (Kanya) represents the Earth Goddess and symbolizes the healing and nourishing power of the Divine Feminine.  A new cycle of transformation surrounding issues of environmental sustainability, peace and wealth is beginning.

If you’re faced with the need to change the blueprint of any design in your life, open yourself now to the possibility of a totally new floor plan. If you’re an artist, this is the time to hone your craft and envision how you might create new modes of expression. With the creative portals wide open, you could find yourself shifting modalities, or finding new sources of inspiration for your work.

Eclipses often bring about initiations, new chapters, and unexpected twists. It may feel like you’re standing on the precipice between two possible worlds now, or that you’re weathering an onslaught of unexpected storms. This is in part because of Rahu and Ketu, the eclipse shadows that are symbolized by the mouth and tail of a hungry celestial serpent. As Rahu moves into sidereal Pisces now, it passes over a volatile degree called gandanta, or the karmic knot. Something deeply spiritual dwells in this liminal space between endings and beginnings, but growth can feel uncomfortable.

In the days surrounding the solar eclipse, it’s best to hold off on signing any contracts or legal documents. According to Vedic Astrology, it’s also best to stay indoors during an eclipse, and use the time for meditation or mantra repetition.

On this Ring-of-Fire Eclipse, tap into your resilience and let yourself reconnect to creative dreams that have felt “too big” in the past. Allow yourself to open to the possibility that you can be successful in your creative endeavors, be they professional or simply a passion. Remember that this eclipse falls in the “Star of Opportunity,” and the work you make now could lead to much bigger things.

According to Vedic Astrology, the best way to convert troubling eclipses into portals of creativity is through the demon-slaying goddess, Durga.

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