The first full moon of the year falls on Jan 6, 2023 (at 3:09 pm PT) and will illuminate new possibilities for the whole year ahead.

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Charged with a special light of hope and renewal, this full moon marks the beginning of the spiritual month of Magha. It’s said that all charitable donations and services given at this time will have excellent results.

According to Vedic Astrology, the full moon falls in the area of the sky called Punarvasu, which means “return of the light.” An ancient Vedic goddess named Aditi, is said to reside in Punarvasu. Her name means “boundless,” and she represents the field of infinite possibility.

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This expansive full moon supports learning new skills, self-improvement, and innovative improvements. Consider how you could dive deeper into what makes you feel more nourished and inspired right now. Take a step toward your dreams to the degree you presently can, and see how new possibilities unfold.

Take heed, 2 retrograde planets, Mercury and Mars are occurring on this full moon, possibly making delayed results in your intentions, and calling for deeper inner focus.

Since the end of December, the double retrograde influence has coincided with major winter storms and exceptionally chaotic travel delays.  Mercury and Mars Retrograde together come with unique challenges and obstacles, particularly in communication, group planning and negotiations.  Relief will come soon, as Mars turns direct on Jan 12, and Mercury turns direct a week later, on Jan 18.

Another monumental change occurs on Jan 17, as the great hour-hand of planets, Saturn, shifts forward into sidereal Aquarius. Saturn, the planet of limitation and structure, is at his strongest in Aquarius, a sign of truth, science and universal law.   Check out the Saturn in Aquarius Class with Horoscopes (pre-recorded in May 2022) if you haven’t already.

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