Full Moon Vedic Astrolgy
Vijaya Ved

Come back to your source. The full moon of Jan 28 (11:16 am pt) shines a soothing a light over the current challenges of this world.  This full moon heightens intuition, compassion, self-awareness, and points toward a higher source of spiritual nourishment.

Occurring in the area of the sky known as Pushya, the Vedic star of nourishment, this full moon helps understand the needs of others, as well as of yourself. Have you been paying attention to the needs of your inner child? This healing full moon has the power to strengthen emotional intelligence and bring you closer to your truth.

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Pushya is actually a nest of stars, called the Beehive Cluster, which sits in the heart of Cancer — the sign of caring and nurturing.  Symbolized a lotus flower blooming, or the nourishing udder of a cow, Pushya’s divine love can accelerate your spiritual and personal growth in the weeks to come.

Pushya is ruled by the ancient Hindu deity, Brihaspati.  Called the “Guru of the Gods,” Brihaspati is a teacher of truth and dharma, and is another name for the expansive planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is currently combust the sun and creating a direct aspect on this full moon.  This alignment creates the auspicious Kesari Yoga (Lion), which emboldens a sense of purpose through community, ethics and moral beliefs. This full moon encourages action, communication, and advising, especially in relation to the needs of the elderly and the young.

With fierce Mars creating an aspect onto the full moon, there’s also a courageous drive to clarify needs and boundaries now. Take heed, this is a dynamic full moon with a fighting spirit that could make conflict arise.

Two days after the full moon, Mercury Retrograde will begin on Jan 30.  Delays, misunderstandings and complicated interactions could increase, particularly in governmental and bureaucratic situations, as Mercury Retrograde converges with 5 other planets in the highly structured sign of sidereal Capricorn.  Mercury Retrograde challenges us to rework and improve upon our daily routines.  Stay open to surprising shifts and innovative workarounds in the days to come.  Mercury will turn direct on Feb 20.

Pushya Full Moon calls in the nourishing spiritual principles of compassion and service.  At its best, this full moon can push us toward a common goal— expanding our capacity beyond what we could ever achieve alone.

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