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Kari Field

Anandashree (Kari Field) is a Vedic Astrologer, intuitive coach, and writer. For the last 20 years, she has immersed herself in the study of Vedic Astrology, learning from some of the most esteemed astrologers in India. Kari integrates Vedic Astrology and mythology with practical spiritual techniques to empower her clients.

Latest Posts

FULL MOON Blessing | Guru Purnima | A Moment of Divine Transformation | Vedic Astrology
The full moon of July 20/21 brings a much needed blessing of divine grace.  Called Guru Purnima — the full moon of the Guru — it’s said that this sacred full moon emanates a special light of wisdom, power and grace. This is a highly auspicious full moon for beginning educational projects and activities of all types.  Under its healing light, clarity and renewed...
July NEW MOON | Return of the Light | Vedic Astrology
Ready for a fresh start? The new moon of July 5 (3:57 pm PT) sparks a lunar cycle of expansion and renewal.  Arriving in a current of heavy and difficulty astrological influences, this new moon brings a much-needed dose of light. Falling in the area of the sky called Punarvasu,“the return of the light,” this new moon supports self-improvement, learning, communication and creative insight.   The...
Solstice FULL MOON Activation | Vedic Astrology
The rare solstice full moon of June 21, 2024 (6:08 pm PT) shines with illuminating insight and wisdom. Falling in the dynamic solstice portal — this full moon comes with a blast of spiritual energy. If you’ve been doubting your path, or unsure of the future, this full moon brings an opportunity for a new and empowering vision. Coming when the sun reaches its...
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