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Kari Field

Anandashree (Kari Field) is a Vedic Astrologer, intuitive coach, and writer. For the last 20 years, she has immersed herself in the study of Vedic Astrology, learning from some of the most esteemed astrologers in India. Kari integrates Vedic Astrology and mythology with practical spiritual techniques to empower her clients.

Latest Posts

Blue Moon | Saturn Awakening | Shravana Purnima | Vedic Astrology
A rare super blue moon on August 30 brings a boost of spiritual insight.  Bigger and brighter then normal this super moon is the 2nd one this August, and so called a blue moon. This unusual full moon event illuminates the world with a special healing light. Called the Shravana Purima, this full moon is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the supreme liberator. If you’re seeking...
8/16 NEW MOON | Boundary Issues | Venus Combust | Vedic Astrology
The New Moon of Aug 16 has a powerful life force running through it.  This new moon coincides with a rare and transformation phase of Venus – the goddess of love, intimacy, wealth and happiness. The days surrounding this new moon can bring complex emotions up to the surface.  If you feel on edge now, take heart, a new light of awareness is on...
8/1 Super Moon Blessing | Empathy | Vedic Astrology
The Full Moon of Aug 1—the closest super moon of the year—has the power to heighten intuition and sharpen awareness. This empathic full moon focuses on how to listen to and connect with others, as well as with yourself, and can help open the mind and heart to new possibilities in relationships. This sacred full moon (11:31 a.m. PT) falls in the area of...
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